Nestle commits to clean water and sanitation pledge

Global food manufacturing giant Nestle is one of the first signatories to a new pledge designed to commit business to the supply of clean water and high levels of sanitation in all of their operations

The pledge know as the “Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Implementation at the workplace” (WASH) was created by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

The pledge challenges companies to provide access to safe water and sanitation, as well as appropriate facilities to ensure personal hygiene at all premises in their direct control within three years of signing.

Carlo Galli, Technical and Strategic Advisor for Water Resources, Nestlé, said that although Nestle already provides access to clean water throughout its direct operations, the company hopes that its support of WASH will encourage other businesses to make a similar commitment.

"We already commit to providing access to clean water to our employees at all of our direct operations, including our 468 factories worldwide, as part of our existing commitment on water stewardship", he said.

“We hope that together with the other companies that have already signed up, we can encourage more businesses to do the same.”

Peter Bakker, President of WBCSD said that by signing the pledge, businesses have the opportunity to show their commitment to addressing one of the world’s most pressing socio-economic challenges.

“Today, millions of people are still without access to safe drinking water and billions lack access to adequate sanitation,” said Peter Bakker, President, WBCSD.

“There is a compelling and clear economic case for businesses to demonstrate leadership in addressing this social imperative and one of the most pressing socio-economic challenges of our times.

“The WASH pledge is a direct and tangible contribution they can make to this.”

In addition to Nestle, other companies that have signed the WASH pledge include Deloitte LLP, EDF, Greif, Hindustan Construction Company, Roche Group, and Unilever.


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