Nestle using blockchain to authenticate coffee origin

Nestlé is utilising Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) to demonstrate provenance and artisanship and prove authenticity of its Chain of Origin coffee.

To prove the authenticity of the coffee, Nestlé needed to develop micro-batch processing to track end to end coffee, from coffee bean to cup.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making blockchain real and accessible to enterprise customers through AMB, which allows Nestlé to focus on adding value to the business, support farmers and roasters.

To prove authenticity of Nestlé single origin coffee, blockchain technology provides a transparent window and verifiable system to track each step in the coffee sourcing and production process.

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Blockchain technology allows Nestlé, and its partners, to narrate the artisanship of single origin coffee from coffee bean to cup – from identifying the micro-lot on the farm, the condition the coffee was grown in, through to when it was roasted and packed.

The company has set up a Hyperledger Fabric network and invited partners to collaborate with its supply chain to update the meta-data for transparency efforts. This allows partners and consumers to track their products on the blockchain from the farm all the way through to the cup.

The proof-of-concept for Chain of Origin was prototyped rapidly and co-funded with AWS, allowing Nestlé to innovate quickly and cost-effectively. AMB has simplified the technological infrastructure for Nestlé, allowing the company to focus on adding value to the business, support farmers and roasters, and provide a superior taste experience for consumers

AMB and distributed ledger technologies store transactions in ways that are transparent, immutable, and verifiable to allow parties to interact in a trustworthy and efficient manner, with or without centralised authority.

The technology ensures the supply chain is verified and any mistakes, malpractices or tampering is rapidly addressed. As the model is rolled out, blockchain validation could be one solution that Nestlé rolls-out across other brands.

About AMB 
AMB is a managed service that makes it easy to create and manage scalable blockchain networks across business in finance, logistics, retail, media and entertainment, and energy. It allows multiple parties to execute transactions in a transparent and efficient manner without the need of an intermediary.

Customers can choose their preferred framework, add network members, and configure the member nodes that process transaction requests, as it does the rest. It can span across multiple AWS accounts and configures the software, security, and network settings.

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