New air compressor technology launch

Compressed air manufacturer, CompAir, has rewritten the rules of compressed air generation by launching Quantima, a unique and dynamic oil-free compressor technology.

Having only one moving part spinning in a magnetic field, Quantimas revolutionary Q-drive compression assembly forms the heart of the new compressor design. Its unique rotor and direct-driven compression elements are levitated by active electromagnetic bearings to allow them to reach speeds of up to 60,000 rpm.

CompAir has a reputation for leading product innovation and this latest advance sets the benchmark for oil-free air compression, delivering a compelling range of customer benefits to help drive down production costs, reduce energy consumption and improve environmental performance. This results in a much quieter and more compact, variable-speed product that has no gearbox, no oil, and is engineered to deliver industry-leading reliability.

CompAir engineers have considered Quantimas energy performance at every stage of the design, delivering a compressor range that has the lowest off-load power consumption of any compressor on the market at just 2.5% of full load power, equating to only 7Kw for a typical 300kW unit.

This high energy efficiency means that customers replacing an existing compressor with a new Quantima unit can make energy savings of up to 25%, reducing overall running costs dramatically. In addition, a users environmental credentials are improved significantly with the potential to cut annual C02 emissions by the same amount as taking 75 family cars off the road or planting 16,000 trees*.

Commenting on the launch of Quantima, CompAir Chief Executive, Nick Sanders said “It is very rare that you can develop a product that will fundamentally change the way an industry thinks. With Quantima, this is what we have achieved. It has taken the vision of our entire business and the drive of our development team over the last 5 years, not to mention a significant investment and extensive field-testing, to tear up the rulebook and develop the world-beating, environmentally focused product that customers have been waiting for.

“In launching Quantima we have opened the door to the fast growing oil-free market and placed ourselves in the driving seat of this strategically important sector. Having brought this technological revolution to the global marketplace, we are now leading the industry and are determined to stay one step ahead.”

As part of the Quantima revolution, Quantima customers will also benefit from Q-life, a state-of-the-art predictive maintenance solution. By constantly monitoring the performance of the individual Quantima unit, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, performance is optimised whilst predicting the compressors maintenance needs to maximise uptime.

Each Quantima compressor connects automatically to a remote monitoring centre, supported by a network of service engineers that carry out all of the servicing during the 10-year warranty period that forms part of the Q-life package.

With Quantima, its Q-drive and Q-life assurance programme, CompAir has added a major product range to its comprehensive portfolio of products, making it the only manufacturer to offer a complete range of rotary screw, piston and vane compressors worldwide, which includes high-pressure, oil-free and portable models.

*Carbon emissions figures published equate to a calculation based on a user achieving energy savings of 10% on a 300 kW machine.

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