New ‘beauty shake’ rich in chocolate and health benefits

Avant-Garde Wellness has launched a new product that aims to help in weight loss while still tasting great.

The Beauty Shake, contains a blend of proteins, several functional fibres and marine collagen. It contains more 10g per serve of dietary fibre blend, designed to help weight loss without feeling hungry.

It also delivers 3,500mg of marine collagen to promote skin hydration and reduce visibility of wrinkles.

It is made with the goodness of cereal fibre from oats, cacao bean extract and prebiotic acacia fibre that will keep you full for hours without having to deal with excessive calories.

It also contains marine collagen, which promotes skin beauty through positive effects on skin hydration and reducing visibility of wrinkles.

Collagen is what keeps skin elastic and it is responsible for replacing dead skin cells.

Formulated by Dr. Jaroslav Blazek, the rich chocolate shake is also good for digestive gut health.

The shake is manufactured and packed in Australia from local and imported ingredients.


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