New beef cut discovered; creator says will be best yet

A meat expert has found a new cut of beef, known as the ‘Vegas Strip Steak.’

Creator Tony Mata has spent three decades researching beef carcasses to develop the cut, which will be protected by intellectual property and patent regulations.

There are about 20 different types of official meat cuts, but somehow Mata discovered one that had not yet been discovered, which according to value-added meat processing specialist, Jacob Nelson, was thought to be an “impossibility.”

“The Vegas Strip Steak is the latest and perhaps last steak to be found from the beef carcass,” Nelson told Cattle Network.

Because the intellectual copyright and patents are still pending, Mata can't say exactly what the cut is, but he has confirmed it will tick all the boxes.

“This muscle produces a steak that is on par with or better than today’s most popular steaks,” he said.

“It does not require aging or marinating to achieve tenderness and its visual appeal enhances the steak eater’s overall enjoyment.”

“The Vegas Strip Steak was well received by the audience.

“They tasted it, loved it and applauded.”


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