New CHEP container rises to challenge for yeast manufacturer

A new addition to its IBC range, the CHEP Intercon has increased efficiencies at Australian yeast and bread improver manufacturer, Lesaffre.

The company was previously using the CHEPBox, an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), designed specifically for food industry applications, to move its liquid yeast from its Melbourne manufacturing site to its Perth distribution site.

Then, 12 months ago, CHEP approached the company with the new CHEP Intercon, which Peter Gaddes, CHEP senior business relationship manager, sai would add efficiencies to Lesaffre's supply chain.

Made from food-grade polypropylene, the Intercon is designed specifically for the food manufacturing sector and can be used for liquid and dry food applications including juices, edible oil, meat and vinegar, and, in Lesaffre's case, liquid yeast.

The Intercon is more than 60kg lighter than the CHEPBox and can hold 50 litres more liquid yeast.

Russell Cotterell, national logistics and purchasing manager for Lesaffre Australia Pacific, said "The reduction in the weight of our freight, combined with the ability to move more product has cut our annual freight component. The reduction from 144 trips to 140 trips a year is a huge benefit as the Melbourne to Perth trip is logistically one of the most expensive channels in the country."

Cotterell said staff on the company's manufacturing floor were happy with the change.

"A drop door on the side of the unit enables easy access to the base for manual filling and placement of liner bags, so our staff can reach further down inside the Intercon without having to bend," he said.

"The strong, lightweight construction also means the Intercon is easy to manoeuvre within our plant during filling, while the unit's four-way design allows forklifts access from all four sides, providing improved OH&S standards and greater handling efficiencies across the plant."


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