New Coliform and E.coli test for water

AMSL Scientific has released EC Blue, a rapid Coliform and E.coli test for water samples.

Traditional methods for testing Coliforms in water often requires filtering the sample which adds to the time, complexity and cost of performing a test.

Using this new test, results are available in 18-24 hours and a simple colour change from clear to blue will indicate the presence of total Coliforms. If E.coli is present, then the sample will also fluoresce under UV Light.

The test kit is ready to use, shelf stable, and available in several different formats, such as jars, sachets and tubes. The jars are ultra-convenient as they are sterile and ready to use, all you need to do is add 100ml of sample to the container and incubate. The sachets are versatile as you can add the media to any sample in a suitable container such as a bottle or Whirl-Pak bag.

Quantitative results with EC Blue are also available via the use of the tubes or the MPN Tray.




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