New designs for MeadowLea

Saltmine Design Group has penned new designs for Goodman Fielder’s MeadlowLea ‘Buttery’ and new Breakfast Twists range.

Buttery is a spread with a buttery taste, which has 65 percent less fat than butter.

Saltmine was asked to update Buttery’s design as it moved from a round to rectangular packaging format and expanded the range to include ‘Buttery Whipped.’

“The result is a commanding visual identity, featuring an eye-catching yellow swirl which changes out on each variant to connote the rich, indulgent product on the Buttery pack and the light and fluffy texture for Whipped,” a statement from Saltmine reads.

The design company also worked on a range of tub liners with serving suggestions for each of the products, as well as MeadowLea’s new Breakfast Twists range, which targets children and includes flavours such as chocolate, caramel and cinnamon.

The Breakfast Twists range can be used on toast, crumpets, pancakes, waffles and on sandwiches.

“Saltmine added family fun to the design by creating a character for each flavour which doubles as creative inspiration in the kitchen for mums. The cute Caramel Crumpet Bear, Cinnamon Pancake Face and Chocolate Robot Toast characters feature on the tub packaging, as well as the tub inner liner,” the statement reads.


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