New Development in Oil-Free Compressor Technology

A leading global manufacturer of industrial compressors, blowers, pumps and vacuum products has announced its latest landmark range.

Ultima is Gardner Denver Industrials Group’s new water-cooled, oil-free compressor, which is available in models from 75 kW to 160 kW and is designed to be the perfect compressed air solution.

Developed by CompAir, the powerful and compact U-Drive unit owns a variable speed permanent magnet synchronous motor that is capable of speeds up to 22,000 rpm.

“U-Drive is a true, next-generation motor and the result of three years’ development,” said Ulrich Thomes, CompAir’s senior technical engineer.

“We believe that this is one of the most advanced compressor drive technologies available to customers today and ideal for a pioneering product such as Ultima.”

Taking advantage of the ultra-compact design of the U-Drive, Ultima utilises two motors simultaneously, each powered by its own inverter.

Forgoing the traditional single motor and gearbox design, Ultima runs each dry screw air end directly for enhanced performance and lower levels of friction.

An intelligent “digital gearbox” links the two U-Drive units, adjusting their speeds continuously. The ability to run both air ends at different rates, depending on demand, means Ultima can perfectly match the delivery ratio for optimum efficiency.

Around 94 per cent of compressor energy is converted to heat energy that can be easily wasted. Ultima aims to prevent this.

Offering up to 12 per cent better heat recovery than a standard two-stage oil-free compressor, Ultima features a closed loop water-cooling system that takes heat from all major components.

This water can then be piped out of the machine to be used elsewhere. Not only making Ultima a revolutionary compressor but a high-efficiency water heater as well!

For maximum performance, the air entering a compressor should be as cool and dense as possible and so Ultima is designed to vent no warm air into the compressor room.

Instead, warm air is processed and cooled within the unit, where it is re-circulated around the compressor via the base frame. This design ensures minimal waste, eliminates the need for external ducting and prevents dust and particles from entering the compressor.

Ultima uses 20 per cent fewer parts than a standard oil-free compressor, allowing it to be 37% smaller than other units. With Ultima, you can fit more machines in your existing compressor space while also cutting down on the number of parts that need maintaining.

Its bespoke construction means that a 160kW compressor runs at a mere 69 dB(A) noise level. As a result, Ultima can be installed at the point of use rather than being hidden away in a compressor room.


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