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New flavoured vodka released in sustainable packaging

New flavoured vodka released in sustainable packaging

Brisbane-based drinks company, Mandatory Spirit Co., has announced an exciting range of Australian made flavoured vodkas each in a compact one-litre box.

An addition to the impressive range by Mandatory Spirit Co, the flavoured vodka range follows suit by using the Bag-in-Box (BIB) packaging, reducing their carbon footprint by eight times compared to using glass bottles.

Appealing the consumer demand of convenient, ready-to-drink products, the BIB packaging and portability is a feature that makes this product stand out.

With Australians increasingly looking for grab-and-go alcohol products to take to parties or gatherings with friends and family, packaging that is easy to open, dispense, and store is high on the consumer’s wish list.

There are three tasty flavours available to purchase including Luscious Strawberry Vodka, meticulously infused with ripe, sweet strawberries for an unforgettable flavour experience.

Tantalising Raspberry Vodka is carefully crafted with the essence of sun-ripened raspberries for a captivating taste sensation. Cherry Bliss Vodka is infused with the sweet succulence of freshly picked sweet cherries.

Mandatory Spirit Co. co-founder, Mark Collins commented: “We are excited to add another range to the portfolio with our flavoured vodkas. 100 per cent Australian made, Australians will be able to taste the delectable fruitiness in each product. A fun, attractive and compact answer for the ready-to-drink demand in a one litre box which continues to speak to our environmental efforts.”

A key consideration for Mandatory Spirits Co is ensuring their packaging is sustainable in their commitment to environmental responsibility. Packaging is also incredibly important for millennials with 85 per cent considering the packaging material to be a key part of the product and purchasing experience.

That’s why the flavoured vodka range is all encased in a one-litre cask, meaning Australians can relish every exquisite sip, aware that their pleasure is harmoniously intertwined with the planet’s wellbeing.

Mandatory Spirit Co flavoured vodkas are available from Dan Murphy’s stores nationwide for $60.99.

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