New flavours complete Compleats

Hormel Foods Australia (HFA) has introduced two new flavours to its Compleats microwave meals range.

‘Chicken Alfredo’ and ‘Meatloaf, Mashed Potato and Gravy’ were the latest to hit the supermarket shelves.

HFA general manager, Scott Martin, said the new editions were the result of growing consumer reliance upon shelf-stable and convenient meals.

“Australians are working longer hours than they ever have before and the dynamic of roles within the family has also changed leading consumers to opt for meals which are convenient, easy to prepare, hearty and tasty for the whole family.

“We are constantly trialling and testing new concepts and flavours to make meals as diverse and appetising as possible.

“’Chicken Alfredo’ and ‘Meatloaf, Mashed Potato and Gravy’ are already popular favourites — we have simply taken the effort out of the preparation.

“As with all HORMEL Compleats meals the new varieties are packed with quality ingredients to ensure a satisfying meal.”

HORMEL Compleats are ready-to-eat in 90 seconds and now come in eight varieties. They are available from supermarkets nationally.

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