New Fluke 730G Series Pneumatic/Hydraulic Portable test pumps solutions for process industries

730G Series

Fluke Australia adds new pneumatic/hydraulic test pumps to its Fluke 730G series for pressure testing and calibration solutions. The new Fluke 730G series consist of a digital calibrator in a gauge form and a range of portable test pumps feature fast pressure generation and stable pressure and are easy-to-use.

The pumps come in four models with unique design that enables them to solve the common problems associated with pressure pumps, such as blocking, leakage, and laborious operation. The test pumps unique rod structure design feature saves time and labour in the pressure making process, making them an essential right-hand assistants in manual pressure calibration. 

The new Fluke 730G series test pumps, when used with the Fluke 730G Smart Digital Pressure Calibrator with internal HART communication, will enable high-efficiency and high-accuracy measurement, and calibration of pressure gauges, pressure switches, and pressure transmitters.  

When you combine the application of Fluke 730G pressure test pumps with Fluke 730G smart digital calibrator, you will have highly accurate and consistent testing results, making the ideal pressure testing and calibration solution for metrology institutes and enterprises seeking to establish pressure laboratories with high standard precision measurement and quality control. 

The Fluke 730G smart digital pressure calibrator is a smart calibration solution with superior operating experience that greatly optimises the engineers field calibration for efficiency, while delivering high-accuracy results. When faced with errors in pressure verification, the user can directly perform HART adjustments without additional tools. 

Fluke 730G pneumatic/hydraulic portable test pumps is an ideal pressure measurement and quality control solution for process industries: oil and gas power generation, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals and metrology laboratories 


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