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New funding set to strengthen Australian agricultural exports to Southeast Asia

The National Agricultural Traceability Grants Program, designed to enhance trust in Australian agricultural exports to Southeast Asia, has allocated $3.9 million to 11 innovative projects focused on supply chain traceability.

The grants aim to enhance credibility and establish comprehensive traceability systems, promoting confidence in Australian products throughout Southeast Asia.

By prioritising traceability from paddock to plate, Australian exporters aim to meet the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

“That’s vital work to grow new and existing markets and build confidence in Australian products that are safe, sustainable, and traced through all stages of production,” said Tina Hutchison, deputy secretary of agricultural trade and regulation group.

Each organisation awarded a grant is focused on achieving traceability goals and fostering prosperous relationships with international consumers.

“My huge congratulations to the successful applicants. These grant recipients are now working to significantly advance our traceability efforts in Southeast Asia,” said Hutchison.

The institutions selected for the grant round and their winning projects include:

  • Australian Grape and Wine Incorporated: “Tracing Carbon Emissions in an International Wine Industry Value Chain between Australia and Singapore.”
  • Dairy Australia Limited: “Leveraging Australian Dairy Sustainability Credentials to Influence Trade of Dairy Products in Southeast Asia.”
  • Australian Table Grape Association: “Australian Table Grapes Southeast Asia Export Traceability – B2C & B2B Engagement Platform.”
  • Meat and Livestock Australia Limited: “Showcasing Australian Red Meat Integrity Systems and Credentials in Southeast Asia.”
  • The University of Adelaide: “Enhancing Agricultural Traceability for Market Sustainability: A Southeast Asian Perspective.”
  • Griffith University: “Evaluation and Resource Development to Advance Australian Agriculture Export Traceability: A Study of Seafood and Horticulture Trade with Vietnam.”
  • Monash University: Enhancing trustworthy honey trade through new honeybee hive provenance technology.
  • Australian Mango Industry Association: Assessing the opportunity of adopting integrated traceability systems for Australian mangoes in selected Southeast Asian markets.
  • Export Council of Australia: Adopting digital traceability by Australian firms exporting almonds to Malaysia.
  • Central Queensland University: “Leveraging Blockchain for Enhanced Food Traceability and Trust in Australian-Indonesian Horticulture Supply Chains.”
  • eBottli Pty Ltd: “Enhancing Tuna Traceability: RFID-Driven Value Chains for Sustainable Growth in Southeast Asia Bluefin Tuna Trade.”

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