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New generation Enmin drives designed to energise production lines

New generation Enmin drives designed to energise production lines

Leading materials handling manufacturer Enmin are the only company manufacturing electromagnetic drives in Australia.

The drives offer a unique handling method for controlling the flow of food products, ingredients and bulk material. Products can be screened, sized, or accurately metered to ensure a smooth, uniform and fully variable flow.

With minimal moving parts, next to no on-going maintenance and low energy consumption it’s a reliable, low-cost method of product handling.

The drives are designed and constructed to meet the rigorous requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries such as maximum hygiene, ease of cleaning and continuous 24/7 operation.

The cyclic operation is controlled from a range of electronic controllers that will vary the feeding rate in a manner to suit the specific application enabling high-speed filling coupled with pinpoint accuracy.

The controllers are available in different enclosures or as standalone for incorporation into central panels.

The Teflon is fully FDA approved; its 40-micron surface coating means that it does not suffer from the chipping that can occur on painted models.

This makes it ideal for use on mobile equipment that is susceptible to knocks and bangs as it is moved around the workplace.

Company: Enmin Vibratory Equipment
Phone: (03) 9800 6777
Website: www.enmin.com.au

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