New gluten free website

A new website – www.glutenfreepages.com.au – has been launched to assist people who are Coeliac, or gluten intolerant, with finding wheat free products.

‘Gluten free’ products have no wheat, rye, barley, triticale or oats in them.

Undiagnosed coeliacs can suffer malnutrition, sterility and shortened life unless they are diagnosed and only eat gluten free food and the site aims to connect sufferers with food producers and restauranteurs who provide gluten free food.

While this disease has often been difficult to diagnose, a conservative estimate in Australia is that one in 100 people are coeliac.

According to the founders, “the site was developed when one of the designers of GFP was herself diagnosed with coeliac disease. Since then there has been an increasing number of eating establishments, manufacturers and distributors catering for those needing or wanting gluten free produce. However it has not always been easy to locate these companies quickly.

“Similarly latest news items, new products and special offers for gluten free have not been accessible in one place making it difficult to lead a normal ‘pre diagnosis’ lifestyle. So rather than just create a gluten free business directory, we decided to create a whole Lifestyle site that covers all aspects of gluten free living.”

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