New Green’s plan could help farmers bypass supermarkets

Green’s senator Christine Milne announced a new plan in Perth yesterday which could see local growers bypass supermarkets and sell direct to consumers – avoiding the supermarket duopoly.

The $85m plan which is designed to take place over four years will provide avenues for growers to sell at farmers markets, farmers’ co-operatives and through food box sales as well as offer assistance with regional marketing and food hubs, the Weekly Times Now reports.

Milne said that the plan would help growers overcome significant barriers which are imposed by the supermarket giants and make it easier for consumers to access local produce.

"People care about where their food comes from and that local farmers get paid a reasonable price for it,'' Senator Milne said.

"Farmers don't have many options for selling their produce outside the low prices offered by the big supermarket chains.

"We want to help farmers access infrastructure and markets so they can make a decent living off the land and improve our access to reasonably priced, fresh, local food."

The funds would be primarily directed towards setting up community farmers markets, mobile markets and community food box/ co-operative operations. 


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