New growler system capitalises on craft beer growth

Hoshizaki Lancer is introducing a new growler system to Australia, allowing craft beer lovers to take home small quantities of keg beer to enjoy whenever they please.

The growler is a 1.8L refillable glass bottle that can be filled from the keg with the customer's beer of choice.

The customer can then take the bottle home, enjoy the beer later and have the bottle refilled with the same or a different style of beer.

Hoshizaki Lancer managing director, Joe Thorp, said growler systems had been installed in a limited number of retailer and craft brewery outlets and negotiations were underway about expanding the system across the country.

He said that continued growth of craft beer and microbreweries had increased demand for the growler system in Australia.

"Many craft beers are not available in bottles and many of the beers are seasonal, so growlers give people access to a wide range of specialist brews in small quantities.

"We certainly see a market for growler filler systems in Australia."


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