On The Shelf

New ice cream treats from Bulla

Bulla Dairy Foods is celebrating summer this year with an tasty selection of ice cream varieties for the whole family.

The company is bringing an authentic twist with the launch of four brand new varieties as part of its commitment to bringing fun to the freezer and celebrating an Australian summer.

The new products include:

  • Choc Bar Jelly Top – a nod to the classic Australian flavour combination of raspberry jelly and ice cream, covered in a delicious milk choc coating.
  • Jelly Splits – which combine a traditional zingy raspberry jelly covered in a refreshing icy lemonade shell.
  • The Frozen Greek Style Yoghurt range, available in cones, mini sticks and tub flavours, combine a smooth and creamy texture with the distinctive tanginess of Greek yoghurt, creating an indulgent refreshing treat, perfect for balmy summer evenings.
  • Creamy Classics Choc Hazelnut Spread – which captures the flavour combination of the moment in a deliciously decadent choc hazelnut flavoured ice cream


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