New look for Calabria’s Richland

Calabria Family Wines has unveiled a new look for its Calabria Richland series. In 1929, Calabria Family Wines’ founder Francesco Calabria boarded the Regina D’Italia ship in Italy bound for Australia in search of a better life. Francesco would often write letters to his wife and son, who remained in Italy until Francesco could establish a new life for them, describing Australia as a ‘Rich Land’ with layered landscapes, Mediterranean climate, fertile soils and deep blue waters.

The new-look Calabria Richland takes inspiration from this origin story, paying homage to Francesco’s letters describing Australia’s ‘Rich Land’ in a fresh, modern way.

A bouquet of colour is introduced across the portfolio as each variety incorporates a unique colour for each variety. The colour profile continues, with a distinct layer design reminiscent of Francesco’s ‘Rich Land’ descriptions finishing the bottom of the label.

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