New milk protein cuts cheese maturation process

European dairy company, Arla Foods Ingredients has launched Nutrilac FastRipe, a natural milk protein that enables cheese-makers to reduce ripening times without impacting on product quality or shelf life.

Nutrilac FastRipe enables manufacturers of continental and cheddar-type cheeses to cut the maturation process from anywhere between one to six weeks, resulting in reduced overheads in terms of storage.

The product is made from Arla’s CH-4560 natural whey protein which is extracted from cows’ milk and supplied as a fully soluble powder that can be dispersed and blended quickly in cheese milk or water – resulting in no impact on the overall manufacturing process. Once the ingredient has been added, it accelerates the mechanism in cheese that causes it to ripen.

“We’ve tested Nutrilac FastRipe extensively in a range of cheese types and each time we’ve been delighted with the results,” said Claus Andersen, Cheese Category Manager at Alra Foods Ingredients.

“Ripening time is reduced by up to six weeks, without any negative impact on the end product. As a result, storage time is significantly reduced, and the cost savings can be huge. Importantly, the application of Nutrilac FastRipe to a recipe requires no alteration to the cheese process at all.”


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