New packaging for Protein Shakes range

Atkins has relaunched it’s ready to drink Protein Shakes and Powdered Shake Mix with new and improved packaging, created and shaped to appeal to low-carb lifestylers.

Previously packaged in TetraPak cartons, the Atkins Low Carb Protein Shakes are now available in a new upgraded, freshly branded, 330ml PET bottle.  Designed to predominantly attract female consumers to inspire a weight wellness journey, the new bottles have an easy to close, re-sealable screw cap lid allowing for effortless on-the-go consumption.

Sold individually, the new Low Carb Protein Shake bottles will be stocked on Coles’ supermarket shelves in the coming weeks, followed by pharmacy stockists during the month of June. Woolworths will switch to the new packaging in mid-July.  The Protein Shakes come in two new improved flavours – Creamy Vanilla and Smooth Chocolate.

In addition to the new RTD Protein Shakes, Atkins has also upgraded the packaging on its Powered Shake Mix. From an outdated composite can to a new PET container, the improved package design with a screw-top lid allows for better storage and handling.

The Atkins Shakes range is available from Australia’s main supermarkets, health food stores and pharmacies, including Coles, Woolworths, Aussie Health, Pharmacy Online, and Costco.

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