New plant-based patty released to mark Nestle Professional and Grabox Kitchens partnership

A new partnership between Nestle’s Professional and Grabox Kitchens is being celebrated with the introduction of a limited-edition plant-based patty while representing the potential future for virtual ‘delivery only’ brands.

Announced last Monday, Nestle Professional and its associated Harvest Gourmet brand has partnered with food tech start-up Grabox Kitchens releasing limited edition plant-based patties as part of Grabox Kitchens Wattaburrger menu. This plant-based patty will mark Nestle Professionals first entry into the food delivery market within the Oceania region.

On a wider scale, this partnership also reflects an increasing consumer demand for healthier, meat-free alternatives.

Dhruv Kohli, head of growth and international expansion at Grabox Kitchens said, “By putting these new plant-based products into our virtual brand menus, we know we can drive adoption of these alternatives into the mainstream. To help make this happen, this month Wattaburrger is running various promotions on delivery platforms.”

“Through the Harvest Gourmet brand, Nestlé Professional is committed to providing solutions for operators looking to cater for their health-conscious consumers keen for tasty alternatives to meat. This is more than a ‘new brand’ to us, it’s a way global brands like Nestlé Professional can help make plant-based meat alternatives more appealing and accessible to the mass consumer market,” said Nestle professional business development manager, Michael Wilson.

This partnership also represents a new avenue for online food ordering and delivery.

Grabox Kitchens, only launched last year in December, is a virtual brand that utilises AI and smart data to help hospitality venues build a food delivery business using their existing equipment and menu.

“It’s super exciting to have the support and recognition of a global brand at such an early stage for Grabox Kitchens,” Kohli said. “Our virtual brands can help Nestlé Professional’s Harvest Gourmet get the word out about their plant-based product and give Australians the opportunity to try them cooked in a delicious burger, wrap or salad. For our restaurant partners, the partnership gives them the confidence and opportunity to expand their menus with plant-based meal options that we know there is demand for.”







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