New products reveal an evolving juice market

The juice market is evolving, as manufacturers develop new and unusual products, including a blue vitamin drink, a juice that includes every part of the fruit and a black tea containing prune juice.

Manufacturers are beginning to answer consumer demand for healthier drinks and more transparency in formation. There have been “a number of new juices launched recently”, said Cesar Pereira, research manager at Product Launch Analytics, “which focus on the pure nature of their ingredients. 

A new beverage containing blue agave is the first blue drink to get its colour solely from fruit. This new Stur-D variety claims to be the very first enhanced water and juice beverage to include, vitamin C as well as vitamin D and calcium. The drink, from Coca-Cola, which also features passion fruit and citrus flavours, has been already launched in the US.

An apple juice made through the process of ‘full extrusion’ and includes the peel, pulp and core of the apple has hit the shelves in Poland. The ‘Cappy Cale Jabklo 100% Apple juice, again, made by Coca-Cola, is said to provide the “whole fruit goodness”.

A black tea combining the flavours of Yunnan Tea with that of black prunes is a first for the tea category. The drink, launched in Russia by Svay, is said to give tea drinkers health benefits due to the high fibre content of prunes.  The manufacturers claim that the tea has a sweet, mellow honey-like taste with no notes of bitterness.

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