New range of healthy kids’ snacks

The demand for healthy snacks has risen dramatically, and Whole Kids are taking advantage of parents desire to provide their children with healthy snacks and additions to their lunchboxes.

Whole Kids has introduced a new products including Organic Cheese and Low Salt Corn Chips and Organic fruit juices.

Monica Waters, Co-Founder of Whole Kids says, “We have seen the demand for our products grow 50% since back-to-school 2007. The demand increase has been across the board. Our original range is now stocked in over 500 stores including Harris Farm grocers, IGA supermarkets and most leading organic food stores. Plus we have introduced new products to meet the needs of parents whose kids are notoriously fussy eaters.”

Whole Kids products are free of preservatives, additives and genetically modified ingredients.

In addition, the company has recently launched a nut-free and gluten-free range.

“Our new range was actually developed in response to pleas from concerned parents. We‘ve had an overwhelming response to our products because people are just so grateful that they don’t have to search for nasty hidden ingredients.”

Whole Kids was founded in 2005 by Monica Waters and James Meldrum after spending several years researching the demand for healthier organic snacks for kids.

Whole Kids now stocks ten different products including juices, popcorn, fruit bars and corn chips.

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