New SPC labelling could lead the push for stronger labelling laws

SPC Ardmona has decided to move the fine print from the back of its labels to the front, enabling consumers to easily identify where the ingredients originate from.

The company will now name the specific regions of where its fruit and vegetables are sourced from on the front of its labels, challenging current industry conventions.

“We want to ensure that consumers understand that SPC Ardmona uses Australian grown and made fruit and vegetables, '' managing director Peter Kelly told the Weekly Times Now.

`As part of our campaign to encourage all consumers to choose SPC Ardmona Australian brands over cheap imported private label products we have just launched brand new labels with stronger Australian grown and Australian made messages on our SPC peaches, pears and baked beans and spaghetti cans as well as our 100 per cent Australian Ardmona tomatoes.''

An example of the new label that will be displayed on SPC’s baked beans:

“SPC is proud to source all of its navy beans for SPC baked beans from Australia, from great places like the Queensland town of Kingaroy''

“If you're not eating SPC Baked Beans, you're eating beans sourced from overseas. And that means you're not supporting Australian farmers.''

The Green’s Country of Origin Labelling Bill which aims to simplify country of origin claims is still before parliament.

The new legislation would simplify labelling to one of three claims:

  • Product of or grown in Australia
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Packaged in Australia 
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