New spiral freezer technology now available in Australia

Linde’s latest high-performance freezing technology is here, with the CRYOLINE CX600 Spiral Freezer now available in Australia for a broad range of food applications from poultry and seafood, to dumplings and ready-made meals.  

This highly compact unit from Linde features a unique 600mm wide belt design allowing for easy integration into existing production lines with high output and less floor space requirements.

It has a solid surface flat belt, instead of an open weave belt which is common in most spiral freezers. This provides the added benefit of being able to work with different products especially those sensitive to weave belt marking, for example, coated products like chicken schnitzels.

This spiral freezer delivers quicker freezing times, higher yields and better product quality. In fact, depending on the food application, it has the capacity to produce up to 3,000 kilograms per hour while utilising only 16m2 of floor space.

If you’re looking at upgrading your existing spiral freezer technology, increasing production capacity, reducing floor space or entering the market for the first time – we will share everything you need to know about the CRYOLINE CX600 Spiral Freezer.

How it works

Using advanced cross-flow technology, the CRYOLINE CX600 Spiral Freezer substantially reduces freezing time, therefore improving cryogen efficiency and reducing overall freezer size. This provides up to 50% higher heat transfer rate compared with conventional spiral freezers by covering nearly 100% of the belt freezing surface area with a high-velocity gas flow.

This high heat correlates with a high operating efficiency as the freezer can be operated at warmer temperatures. Steady-state losses are minimised due to the reduced overall box size and weight.

The spiral freezer acts as a heat exchanger, in which the cryogen is sprayed directly onto the product, which efficiently extracts heat from it. The cryogenic gas is circulated around the product at high velocity and then extracted by the exhaust system.

Freezing with cryogens allows for a very low operating temperature and thus a very fast freezing action. This preserves the quality and shape of the product and provides increased product yield.

Easy-to-use interface

The CRYOLINE CX600 Spiral Freezer has an HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen control. The main menu displays the current product, motor speeds, safety status, machine messages, selected operational mode, freezer temperature, historical data, and access to other screens/menus.

In the event of a fault, the operator is given specific information about the cause of the fault in the message display area. Recipes can be simply loaded by accessing the recipe screen, allowing the storage/recall of the operational parameters of all product types and thus ensuring consistent operation.

Choice of cryogenic

The CRYOLINE CX600 Spiral Freezer can use either nitrogen or carbon dioxide as the cryogenic medium, ensuring maximum efficiency and flexibility.

World-class hygiene and sanitation

Linde’s CRYOLINE freezing solutions are designed for hygiene and ease of sanitation, including the new CX600 Spiral Freezer. Made from laser-cut stainless steel with sloped surfaces, rounded corners and polished welds that simplify washdown, it enables total accessibility to all internal parts and areas, thus saving you time and money.

It has a built-in self-cleaning belt washer system, making it easy to maintain hygienic sanitation practices while maximising productivity with less cleaning and downtime.

Picking a partner with proven expertise

Be one of the first in Australia and New Zealand to implement the latest spiral freezer technology in your manufacturing process.

With decades of experience in cryogenic freezing solutions, BOC is committed to using their expertise to help improve outcomes and productivity for Australian businesses.

We encourage you to get in touch at bulk.enquiries.au@boc.com to discuss BOC’s cryogenic freezing solutions and get one of their experts to assess your requirements.

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