New stretch-wrapping arrives in Australia

If you are looking for a PLC programmable stretch wrapping solution with fully-automatic wrapping cycle, Industry 4.0 capabilities, fast pallet processing, the unique capabilities to optimise and track accurate film consumption and increased stability of wrapped loads then look no further than the new SIAT ProWrap. Only the SIAT ProWrap can offer all of these features in one machine.

Soon to arrive in Australia the new SIAT ProWrap will be officially launched and available to see on exclusive agent CPS’ stand in March at AUSPACK 2019.

The SIAT ProWrap is the new versatile and scalable turntable semi-automatic wrapping machine for intensive and demanding stretch film applications, capable of optimising film consumption and the ability to guarantee full control of all wrapping parameters throughout the cycle.

With the inclusion of Industry 4.0 technology the SIAT ProWrap ensures customer optimisation of the transit packaging solution for their specific industry while saving resources and time, the ability to remotely supervise machine productivity (up to 30 plts/hour), working time and most importantly film consumption. Thanks to the advanced setting options, which consist of 12 programs and 5 operating modes, you will be able to optimise your packaging process while increasing the stability of the wrapped load.

The SIAT ProWrap has the ability to offer a variable pre-stretch up to 400 per cent (with double motor), increase the stability of the wrapped load, the option of having different amounts of film in different areas of the pallet, higher savings in films and the assurance of protecting the load during transportation and avoid wasting film.

The Industry 4.0 capabilities of the ProWrap makes it extremely easy to find the best transit packaging solution suitable for each kind of product and to add value to your business.

The new ProWrap intuitive control panel will surprise you with its seven-inch colour touch screen with latest generation technology and high-performance features. You won’t have any problems customising the machine parameters and set ‘load zones’ with different levels of holding forces, resulting in benefits in productivity: saving film, faster cycle time and optimal protection of the load.

With production space optimisation an important issue in all manufacturing plants the new detection area scanner of SIAT ProWrap has been designed to guarantee higher safety standards and the smallest machine footprint. Thanks to its 3 alarm zones and leading-edge software, the machine calculates a correct safety distance and stops immediately in case of the nearest point of operation hazard.

The modern and user-friendly design of the SIAT ProWrap is durable, resistant to heavy-duty environments (-20c) and provides high-level performance with limited maintenance requirements.


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