New tahina processing plant

Romaco FrymaKoruma, a German-based processing and packaging equipment supplier, has designed an innovative plant for the production of tahina (tahini), a paste made from finely ground sesame seeds.

With a capacity of 1000 kg/hour, the plant is based on the company’s existing MK-250 corundum stone mill and is controlled by a programmable logic controller,which allows fully automatic operation.

The plant is also controlled and protected by pressure, temperature and level sensors.

“The investment we have made in researching and modifying the MK-250 has resulted in a plant which ensures that our customers are able to manufacture a product of the highest quality,” Romaco sales director Rainer Liebig said.

The gentle grinding of the seeds at Romaco’s new plant ensures the tahina is fine, light-coloured and flavoursome.

For more information visit the Romaco website.

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