New twist on natural fruit drinks

New Zealand’s Pete’s Natural has added two new brewed fruit drinks to its range and given itself a fresh look.

The company has been brewing natural fruit drinks using New Zealand grown fruit instead of imported concentrates since 2010. The two new flavours on offer are a low sugar Ginger Beer and Lemon Chilli.

Using only premium, fair trade and organic ingredients, Pete’s Natural Lemonade was followed by Currant Crush, Orange Berry Fusion and Lime-o-nade in 2013, all containing no concentrates and nothing artificial.

From mid-March, consumers will be able to recognise all the beverages by their new labels, and crack open a bottle of new honey-sweetened Ginger Beer and Lemon Chilli with a real pepper in each bottle.

According to the company, the range offers a healthier alternative to most bottled beverages, which contain 10-11gr or more sugar, with each flavour around 6gr/100ml and the Ginger Beer at a super low 3.7 gr/100ml.

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