New ultra-hygienic PE packing concept at AUSPACK

Behn + Bates, a Haver & Boecker, has presented its new ultra-hygienic form, fill seal (FFS) polyethylene (PE) packing concept for powder-type products – the Roto-Packer Adams Care-Line – at AUSPACK 2017.

PE plastic bags are considered to be the most hygienic packing material for highly sensitive food products such as baby food as the risk of contamination during the manufacturing process of PE film has been reduced to an absolute minimum. However, when it comes to filling the PE bags with product, packing machines on the market today have been unable to meet very high hygiene standards.

Recognising this problem, the company which focuses exclusively on packing solutions for the food industry, developed the idea for a new hygienic machine for PE film bag filling. The entire R&D process for the development of the innovative machine was undertaken in close collaboration with a key customer to ensure industry requirements were met. In parallel with this development process, a PE film manufacturer created a new double layer gusseted film for optimal product protection.

The result is the Roto-Packer Adams Care-Line Edition – an ultra-hygienic packing technology that not only fills powders into common PE film bags but also double-layer PE film bags for optimal product protection.

The product features proven machine components that have been combined in a completely new system to minimise areas where dust can collect and guarantee optimum cleaning. There are no open threads, edges or drill holes in the sectional steel frame, removing any points where product dust can build up. The inclined edges and rounded corners allow for easy dust removal.

The number of integrated components has been reduced to the absolute minimum needed for proper functioning and all parts are encased. There are virtually no machine parts such as screws or nuts that could fall into the product during filling.

During the development of the CARE-LINE, BEHN + BATES put special focus on the selection of components achieving EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) certification for the majority of its parts.

In any FFS machine the bag is formed from an endless gusseted film which is then filled and sealed. The product makes it possible – for the first time – to seal PE film bags up to the outer edge. It produces perfect edge definition to protect the products in the filled bag better than ever before from vermin, dirt and deteriorations.

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