New USB extender from Beckhoff

New USB extender from Beckhoff

The USB specification allows a distance of 5 m between the PC and the USB devices. A further 5 m of cable can be added by using a USB hub.

In the construction of machines and plants, larger distances must be bridged without having to insert a USB hub every 5 m. The CU8801 USB Extender sends the 2.0 USB signal via a Cat.5 cable that can be up to 50 m long to the CU8851 USB Extended receiver, which converts the signal back to USB.

Data rates of up to 480 Mbit/s can be transmitted. Both USB Extender boxes are designed for DIN rail mounting. The CU8801 transmitter is powered by the PC. The CU8851 receiver has an integrated 24 V DC power supply unit. The USB Extended 2.0 receiver is already integrated into the Control Panels from the CP29xx and CP39xx series.


1 USB Extended 2.0 output with RJ45 socket for up to 50 m Cat.5 cable for connecting a Control Panel with DVI/USB Extended 2.0 interface CP29xx-0000, CP39xx-0000, CP69xxxxxx-0010, CP79xx-xxxx-0010 or USB Extended 2.0 receiver box CU8851

Installation Type:

ex factory in PCs with Beckhoff PCIe module slot

Company: Beckhoff Automation
Phone: (02) 9912 5430


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