New website provides WHS data at your fingertips

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Safe Work Australia released a new interactive data website that allows users to explore national work health and safety (WHS) and workers’ compensation data in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

The new website provides a wide array of WHS data through dashboards, data collections and reports not previously available to the public. Website users can now explore and create their own charts and tables to explore insights into WHS data by industry, occupation, year, and mechanism of injury.

One of Safe Work Australia’s key roles is to collect, analyse, and publish data and information on WHS and workers’ compensation arrangements, including return to work.

A beta version of the data website was released in March 2023. This allowed for key stakeholders to review the website and provide useful feedback before today’s official launch.

“The release of our interactive data website is a significant milestone for Safe Work Australia and represents an important step in making more of our national work health and safety data available, easier, and quicker to access,” said Safe Work Australia CEO Michelle Baxter.

“The website provides work health and safety and workers’ compensation data at your fingertips.

“Safe Work Australia is committed to making work health and safety data publicly available wherever possible. As part of a broader data improvement project, the launch of the new data website builds on our discussions with key stakeholders who use our data including governments, researchers, industry, businesses, and the community.

“We know that reducing work-related fatalities, injuries and illnesses leads to healthier, safer and more productive workplaces. Around 120,000 workers are compensated for a serious work-related injury or illness each year and, while the number fluctuates, up to 200 are killed at work. The human impacts of these incidents are profound.

Explore the data at:

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