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New Westward American Single Malt Rum Cask released for The Whisky Club

Westward American Single Malt

Westward Whiskey, an American craft spirits brand, has created a new limited release exclusively for The Whisky Club members – Westward American Single Malt Rum Cask – following its successful global bottle rebrand in April. 

The Westward American Single Malt Rum Cask is the result of a collaboration between Westward’s distillers and long-time friends, the Leal family, who founded Casa Magdalena rum in Guatemala. As the first limited release available in Westward’s new packaging, the Westward American Single Malt Rum Cask has an ABV of 62.5 per cent and is aged in barrels seasoned with all-natural, cane-to-glass rum. 

The partnership was born out of a shared ethos for a commitment to craftsmanship and a desire to celebrate local ingredients. As with Westward Whiskey’s pursuit of perfection by creating flavour in every step of the process, Casa Magdalena is also unique among Guatemalan rums, produced using “Miel A” molasses instead of sugar cane syrup, which is the highest quality and most flavourful grade of molasses. 

In the same style as Westward Whiskey, Casa Magdalena Rum’s fermentation temperature is lower, and the process is slower than most other rums. This longer, cooler fermenting allows time for the development of complex flavours, perfectly accentuating Westward’s trademark smooth, yet brazen flavour. 

The Rum Cask begins with the original, award-winning Westward American Single Malt Whiskey and then is matured in new, lightly charred American oak barrels in small batches to achieve their signature balance and boldness. It is then aged in barrels seasoned with Casa Magdalena Rum, distilled in Escuintla, Guatemala and bottled at the Westward distillery in Portland, Oregon.  

Westward American Single Malt Rum Cask is offered exclusively to The Whisky Club as an uncut whiskey and was recently awarded Gold Medal at the 2021 San Francisco Spirits Competition, America’s most prestigious awards judging. 

“This new launch celebrates the first-to-world rum-cask offering for Westward and is certain not to disappoint,” Westward Whiskey lead distiller and blender Miles Munroe said. 

“Casa Magdalena is the first new rum to emerge from Guatemala in an entire generation, and for this reason, we knew they were the perfect partner for this venture. To us, this limited release perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the new world whiskey movement, as we look to leverage natural ingredients and celebrate excellent flavours native to each products’ origin. 

“It’s a big, weighty, tropical spirit with deep layers of caramelised sugar, spice and all things nice… and bottled at a suitably naughty 62.5 per cent ABV!” he said. 

“Westward’s limited product runs are always huge sell-outs amongst Whisky Club members, and we are anticipating nothing different for the Westward American Single Malt Rum Cask release,” The Whisky Club co-founder Bertie Cason said. 

“Every limited-edition bottle Westward produces is rich and robust, and with the sublime rum-cask finish, it’s bound to become a collector’s item you’ll find hard to keep on the shelf.” 

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