Newcastle resident garners social media support for SPC

Newcastle resident, Linda Drummond has pioneered a movement on social media in support of struggling Australian fruit and vegetable processor, SPC Ardmona in the form of #SPCSunday.

Drummond created the hashtag last night in an effort to encourage Australians to support the processor by enjoying SPC tinned fruit products with ice-cream on Sunday’s.

“Who doesn't remember those childhood desserts of peaches, pears or fruit salad and iceceam?,” said Drummond. “Let's relive those glory days and help support a community too. Let's make Sundays SPC Sunday. Serve up some SPC goodies on Sunday and share your pictures on social media with the hashtag #SPCsunday.”

Since her initial post at 10pm last night, the hashtag has been used in over 900 tweets by politicians, media personalities and the community.

Celebrities to get in on the action include household names such as Magda Szubanski, Father Bob, Peter Fitzsimons, Lisa Wilkinson, Cal Wilson, Adam Spencer, Tim Campbell and Yumi Stynes.

Liberal MP Sharman Stone tweeted “I’ll be enjoying some #SPCA products this #SPCsunday, will you? Remember SPC isn’t just fruit and baked beans, there’s a range of great stuff.”

The spate of community support has come just days after Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that he would not back down from his decision to reject SPC Ardmona’s request for assistance.

The troubled food processor requested $25m in assistance last year as part of a restructure plan to keep the company afloat. SPC’s chief executive, Peter Kelly warned that the company would risk closure if the liberal government did not come through with the funding.

"I can't see a viable way for SPC to keep operating in the future if we don't invest this money,” Kelly said at a press meeting last year. “I can't say it any clearer than that."

South Australian pickle and sauce manufacturer, Spring Gully enjoyed a similar spate of community support last year which saw the troubled processor bounce back from receivership and clear over $1m in debt.


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