Newly Weds offers world-tour of flavour trends at foodpro

Although Newly Weds Foods is best known for the coating systems they have offered the Australian market for the past 30 years, this year at foodpro the company is putting its meat seasonings and functional ingredients in the spotlight.

As Newly Weds Foods customises its offerings for clients, its presence at the event is about inspiring current and potential clients on how to translate food trends to the kitchen table.

Newly Weds’ Marketing Services Manager Vivienne Stein recommends that visitors pass by the company’s stand to pick up on the full world-tour of flavours the team is cooking up to match the latest meat trends.

“We’re always looking at flavour trends. This year we’re focusing on American barbeque, modern Mexican, and Asian flavours from Korea and Thailand,” said Stein.

To show off the work of its culinary team in capturing American flavour trends, the company is featuring for tasting, Tennessee BBQ Pulled Pork and Southern Style Dill Pickle Chicken. On the Asian front, it is featuring both a Korean and a Thai Coriander stir-fry.

Newly Weds Foods is also showcasing some exciting innovations in modern Mexican cuisine. Although Mexican has long graced local grocery shelves, Stein said Australian’s are starting to change their perspective on these boxed meals of the past.

“With the rise of so many Mexican-inspired restaurant chains, what we’re seeing in Australia is a focus away from the old Tex Mex, cheese and tomato style of Mexican cooking,” said Stein. “Consumers are moving more towards fresher flavours of Cilantro, hot chillies, chipotles and jalapenos.”

In addition to showcasing flavour trends, the company is looking to inspire food makers to take advantage of consumer interest in more health-conscious food.

“Australians want ‘better for you eating’,” said Stein. “Many Australians want to see less preservative in meat products and also want foods that provide benefits in terms of health.”

As a result, Newly Weds is demonstrating some new coating systems that include ancient grains such as quinoa, teff and barley. The company is also looking to help food manufacturers in the vegan and vegetarian space, with a vegetarian bratwurst premix.

Stein said Newly Weds Foods is excited to inspire the industry with what’s possible in modern food manufacturing.

“Although most of our clients know us for our coatings, we’re excited to show them what we can do with our focus on meat,” she said. “It’s about showing our core ranges, then we can work directly with the client on a customised product.”

Check out Newly Weds at stand W26 at foodpro.

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