NMI approved in-motion weighing system

Scale Components announced the launch of the Australian National Measurement Institute (NMI) Pattern/Type Approved SC4000 in-motion catchweighing system this week.

The SC4000 is designed for dynamic in-line catchweighing applications in an extensive range of transportation, distribution, logistics, packaging and general process weighing installations. NMI approval enables the SC4000 to be certified for legal trade measurement.

According to Scale Components Product Manager, Ray Chappelow, catch weighing is the term used in legal metrology by trade measurement authorities to describe an automatic weighing instrument that determines the mass of discrete items (for example freight items) that are transferred across the weight receptor (scale).

“In layman’s terms, this means capturing the weight of a product as it passes across the scale,” Chappelow said.

“The SC4000 is available in various configurations for the transportation, distribution, logistics and packaging industries as well as many other industries. A stainless steel version is available for food, beverage and other industries that require this standard.”

The SC4000 is NMI Approved for conveyor speeds of up to 60 metres per minute and weighing capacities of up to 60 kg. A Systec IT8000 stainless steel weighing terminal is used as the digital weight display.

The SC4000 can be included in many value-oriented solutions to capture and process dynamic weight information. This information can be combined with automatic barcode information such as consignment or tracking number and dimension information from one of the company’s many dimensioning systems to provide a turnkey data capture solution.

“Our distribution, logistics and transport customers derive real value from these dynamic weighing systems that are designed to be integrated into solutions for freight hubs or logistics and shipping systems. Scale Components have the right equipment to move your business forward,” concluded Chappelow.

For further information on contact:

Ray Chappelow

Scale Components

07 3274 1972

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