No justification for anti-pork measures

The United Nations and the World Trade Organization have stated there is no justification for anti-pork trade measures as a result of the swine flu epidemic since there is no evidence the virus is spread by food.

The statement was the strongest yet from the UN that consumers can safely eat pig products as long as the food is prepared properly.

The joint statement by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, World Health Organization, WTO and the World Organization for Animal Health. was issued after major American pork importers like Russia and China banned pork products from certain US states.

The statement said there is no justification under that code to impose import bans on pork products as there is no evidence that swine flu is spread via food.

Other countries such as Indonesia, Ukraine, Philippines and Serbia, have banned certain pork products from the entire United States.

The US Meat Export Federation, which represents pork and beef interests abroad, estimates that US pork exports have dropped about 10 percent since the swine flu scare started.

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