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Noble Spirits launches NOUGHTY alcohol-free organic sparkling chardonnay

Noble Spirits

Noble Spirits, Sydney-based drinks importer, will launch NOUGHTY in Australia this month as the first organic, vegan, alcohol-free sparkling chardonnay with almost half the sugar content of traditional alcohol-free sparkling wines. 

At 14 calories per 100ml glass, NOUGHTY is produced with 100 per cent organic chardonnay grapes from southern Spain and is dealcoholised using a historically patented method. This avoids adding any unnecessary sugar or artificial aromas to the bottle, revolutionising the way in which consumers enjoy alcohol-free options. 

There is evidence which suggests that consumers are drinking less alcohol and looking for top quality alternatives in beer and spirits, according to Noble Spirits CEO Grégoire Bertaud. 

“No one is tackling the alcohol-free sector to cater to the next generation of wine drinkers who don’t want to consume alcohol,” Bertaud said. 

“We’re the first to import a delicious, luxe, alcohol-free sparkling chardonnay that is also 100 per cent organic and vegan certified. We believe that drinks don’t have to be alcohol to be rock ‘n’ roll.”  

With the global non-alcoholic market anticipated to reach an estimated $1.6 trillion by 2025, sales of non-alcoholic drinks are increasing fast. Millennials and Gen Z’ers are drinking less than older generations, in part because they are immersed online and want to retain control of their image and social standing. 

Other factors driving market growth includes increased awareness amongst consumers toward proper health and wellbeing, making the choice to change eating lifestyles to organic, vegetarian and vegan.  

Founder of NOUGHTY British entrepreneur Amanda Thomson recognised several years ago that people were becoming increasingly concerned about what was in their food, but no one was asking what was in their wine. 

A champagne fan, Thomson – raised on a sugar-free vegetarian diet by a single mother – wanted to create sparkling wines that were beautifully crafted and didn’t require added sugar doses to mask impurities.  

The company has created an entirely new sector in the drinks industry, with other brands racing to keep up with Thomson & Scott’s strong connection to the changing attitudes of young-minded drinkers looking to know what’s in their glass, demanding purer wines that shun animal by-products and  unnecessary added sugar from the production process.

A Jancis Robinson review by Tamlyn Currin has praised NOUGHTY as “hands down, the best alcohol-free sparkling wine I have ever tasted and one of the best alcohol-free wines I’ve tasted overall.” 

NOUGHTY by Thomson & Scott is imported by Noble Spirits and available direct or via most regular wholesalers including Paramount, Gateway, LSB, Liquid Mix, Polkadot, CLB and ALM. 

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