Non-Alcoholic Beverages Award Finalists

The Non-Alcoholic Beverages Award finalists include Bickford’s Ice Tea Cordials, Bickford’s Milkshake Mixes, Ice Break Loaded, Mandailing Estate single origin coffee and Mandailing Estate Kopi Luwak, Mango, Peach & More Nudie Crushie and Pauls All Natural and Phoenix Organic Drinks Range. FOOD Magazine congratulates all the finalists in this category.

Bickford’s Ice Tea Cordials

Combining all the benefits of both premium cordial and ice teas as a concentrate, these products offer consumers delicious Ice Tea Cordial with excellent value for money. Available in three varieties, Peach, Lemon and Green Tea, each makes 3.75 litres of ice tea at less than 25 cents per serve. Available in a concentrate liquid format, the Cordials are unique on the Australian market, containing tea extract and tea polyphenols, and are made without the addition of any artificial colours of flavours.

Bickford’s Milkshake Mixes

Bickford’s Milkshake Mixes are the first liquid milk modifier on the Australia market, offering consumers traditional flavoured milkshakes in the comfort of their own home. Designed to offer consumers easy to prepare, traditional flavoured milkshakes which are reminiscent of the delicious flavours served in 1950’s milk bars, the Mixes were developed to provide consumers with an easy mix, easy stir solution for a substitute for drinking plain milk. Available in three delicious, traditional flavours of Vanilla Malt, Strawberry, and Chocolate, they are designed specifically for flavouring milk.

Ice Break Loaded

A line extension to the successful Ice Break brand that taps directly into the ‘energy’ component inherent in the brand’s current framework. This real iced coffee with a hit of guarana provides consumers with an energy drink option that can be easily consumed in the morning to provide an immediate energy boost, sustained increase in energy levels and a full feeling in the stomach to get through to the next meal.

Mandailing Estate single origin coffee and Mandailing Estate Kopi Luwak

The Estate coffee is grown from 170 year old trees which are found in the depths of the Sumatran jungle. The trees are extremely low-yielding, and are some of the last remains of the original Dutch plantations which were grown by the Dutch East Indies trading Company in Sumatra. The Kopi Luwak is the unique coffee which is made from the skat of the civet cat. These coffee beans are the rarest in the world and the coffee is the most perfectly processed and smoothest-tasting coffee on earth.

Mango, Peach & More Nudie Crushie

The new and fruity Nudie flavour was chosen as a result of a specially conduscted Nudie election, which coincided with the Australian Federal Election in 2007. Having asked the Australian public for their favourite fruit flavours, the apple, mango, peach and mashed banana flavours were chosen to create this combination. The ‘people’s choice’ juice has become one of the most successful of Nudie’s range of 100% super, premium, fruit juices.

Pauls All Natural

This 98% fat free flavoured milk has nothing artificial added to the ingredients, and is preservative free, high in calcium and with low-GI. Given the increased consumer focus on a healthy lifestyle and all natural products, Pauls All Natural was developed to appeal to the older beverage consumer who would normally be exiting the flavoured milk category due to health/weight concerns and a developed taste for less sweet flavours. Pauls All Natural comes in three flavours, including Banana & Honey, Malt & Honey and Malt & Chocolate.

Phoenix Organic Drinks Range

These beverages, made entirely from certified organic ingredients, in a range of drinks including carbonated soft drinks, juices, sparkling juices, mineral water and a light sparkling range of herbal infused drinks. Providing a healthy, natural alternative to the mainstream, the drinks include a honey sweetened and an organic sugar sweetened range of Cola, Ginger Beer, Lemonade, Lemon Lime and Bitters, Creaming Soda and Herbal Cola. Phoenix Organics constantly innovate with flavours and product ranges to meet customer demands and keep consumers stimulated.

The Non-Alcoholic Beverages Award is proudly sponsored by Tronics.

Lena Zak is the editor of FOOD Magazine.

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