Nord Drivesystems’ products on show at AUSPACK 2019

Among the exhibitors at AUSPACK 2019 is drive technology specialist Nord Drivesystems. Servicing the market for more than half a century, Nord is a supplier to the manufacturing industry and will be promoting some its latest ground-breaking technologies.

The proof is in the pudding and Nord has seen success at prominent manufacturers around the country thanks to its comprehensive, trusted range. According to Martin Broglia, managing director for Nord Drivesystems, Nord prides itself on customising its comprehensive, quality range to match exact customer requirements. “We strive for 100 per cent customer focus and satisfaction. Our product offering is backed by superior expertise and as a global brand, we have access to the latest technologies and trends occurring across the globe.”

What’s on show?

The show-stopping NSD tupH geared motor
Nord will be showcasing its industry heroes at AUSPACK 2019 and will once again use this as a platform to help solve the automation problems for both potential and current customers. “No stranger to the industry is the NSD tupH range of products which has been making a name for itself since its launch,” said Martin.

“The NSD Tuphs anti corrosive poperties prevents flaking and chipping making it the optimum product for caustic washdowns as well as boasting a long service life in such harsh environments. This drive is  available in a smooth non pourous finish.”

Drive technology for Industry 4.0
Flexible and intelligent: The NORDAC Lins series was specially developed for applications in modern, networked intralogistics systems and provides a convenient drive solution for flexible, decentralised installation.

“The efficient field distributors can be configured for the specific application and ensures efficient and safe commissioningThe integrated PLC is capable of executing complete process controls as well as regulating processes autonomously” Martin explains.

The Premium Efficiency IE4 Range to Optimise Costs
Nord will also be showcasing its IE4 range of synchronous motors to help optimise energy costs and increase efficiencies in drive systems. When looking at the “life cycle costs” of drive solutions, it is important to take a holistic stance on this. Here we factor in every aspect startingfrom the point of purchase, commissioning, use and maintenance through to disposal.

To optimise the TCO, Nord supplies efficient drive solutions which considerably reduce operating costs. “Here, the focus is on an integrated approach. This principle revolves around the reduction of product variants with the aid of Nord’s modular design systems, reduction of energy consumption applying efficient IE4 synchronous motors that are robustly designed to provide long service life and low maintenance,” Martin explained.

SK series of two-stage helical bevel gear units
In addition, NORD recently launched a high performance, washdown-optimised aluminium drive for hygienic applications and this will also be on show at AUSPACK. Martin said that this successful series now offers smaller gear units for torques up to 50 Nm as an efficient alternative to worm gear units. “The new SK 9×0072.1 series has a power range from 0.12 to 1.1 kW and covers speed ratios from 3.03 to 47.67 : 1,” he said.

“The two-stage helical bevel gear units are characterised by high efficiencies, compact design, top reliability and long working life. The high-strength aluminium housing guarantees high rigidity and maximum durability with the added bonus of being light weight.”

Profisafe compatible dencentralised inverter
“Flexible to install, easy to service, Nord’s flexible inverters can be tailored to any customer application by means of scalable functions. Installing and servicing the Nordac Flex inverter range can be carried out quickly and reliably because of its extensive plug-in capability and easy parameter transfer via EEPROM memory,” Martin concluded.

Communication models include: PROFIBUS DP, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, InterBus, DeviceNet, CANopen, PROFINET IO.

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