NSW Food Authority warning

The NSW Food Authority has urged consumers who suffer from nut allergies not to buy or consume Chinese gingili (sesame) paste because of undeclared peanuts.

The affected batches do not list peanuts on its label and could be a potential health risk to anyone with a nut allergy.

Batches of the paste were exported into NSW and other states by a Chinese company, Beijing Liubiju Foodstuff Co. Ltd.

The NSW Food Authority has identified several importers of this product and is working with them to identify and remove remaining stock from shop shelves.

The Food Authority urges consumers with nut allergy not to consume this product. The paste is sold in Asian grocery stores in 300 gram glass jars.

“While this product is safe to eat for most consumers, anyone with nut allergy risks a serious allergic reaction that may be life threatening,” a Food Authority spokesman said.

“Anyone who has purchased this product and has a peanut allergy should not consume it and return it immediately to the point of sale or destroy it.”

Enquiries about the product should be directed to the NSW Food Authority Helpline on 1300 552 406.

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