NSW Government offers regional producers gold listing on food guide site

Industry & Investment NSW (I&I NSW) is offering eligible NSW regional food and non-alcoholic beverage producers a fully subsidised, 12-month Gold Premier listing on the Australian Regional Food Guide (ARFG) website.

The offer aims to help regional food producers find new local and metropolitan-based food buyers such as retailers, chefs and distributors who may be searching for a certain product.

The ARFG website is an established electronic guide to regional produce, products and dining throughout Australia.

I&I NSW approved producers will receive a Gold Premier listing promoting their business. The benefits include a dedicated web page, a comprehensive product description and background, a link through to their website, an encrypted email link, four static images, a company logo and other useful features.

Regional food producers interested in applying for the fully-subsidised listing can download the application form here or contact Shannon Dearing at shannon.dearing@business.nsw.gov.au

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