NSW welcomes National Food Plan

The NSW Government has applauded the initiative of Australia’s first ever National Food Plan, which will look at food security, food quality and the affordability of food, Minister for Primary Industries Steve Whan said.

The National Food Plan was announced by the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Tony Burke and will integrate all aspects of food policy from the paddock to the plate.

“This comprehensive plan will look at food quality, domestic and international food security, how to streamline business regulations, and ensuring there are appropriate economic, taxation, labour market and education policy settings for a strong food production system.”

Whan said the NSW Government is already working to address challenges of food security, with a key theme of our around 700 scientists and technicians at Industry & Investment NSW researching new ways to increase productivity.

“The NSW Government is well aware that food security is emerging as a significant challenge due to a combination of factors including rising food prices, a changing climate, water and skill shortages, and increasing biosecurity threats, which affect the amount of food which can be produced,” he said.

“The good news is we are already making progress and our scientists have helped farmers grow more productive crops, improve water use efficiency, sustainably manage the State’s primary industries, establish new export markets for agriculture, improve livestock selection and breeding, and produce higher quality pesticide-free fruit and vegetables.”

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