Nutrano Produce Group attains Hort360 Reef Certification

Nutrano Produce Group is thrilled to announce that Abbotsleigh Farm has been awarded the important Hort360 Reef Certification.

Nutrano Produce Group is thrilled to announce that Abbotsleigh Farm, located in Gin Gin, Queensland, has been awarded the important Hort360 Reef Certification.

This achievement is in recognition of their steadfast commitment to sustainable farming practices that protect the environment and the precious reefs nearby.

CEO of Nutrano, Jeremy Birt stated, “Securing the Hort360 Reef Certification underscores our unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. It not only affirms our continuous efforts but also propels us to seek out and adopt innovative solutions that align agricultural practices with the conservation of the natural environment.”

The Hort360 Reef Certification is awarded to agricultural enterprises that demonstrate a dedication to practices that safeguard the Great Barrier Reef and its adjacent ecosystems.

“At Abbotsleigh Farm, led by Farm Manager Craig Estens, we’ve embarked on several initiatives employing advanced technology including irrigation monitoring systems. This system offers valuable data on tree health, irrigation efficiency, and fertilisation needs, guiding our precision agriculture practices,” said Birt.

These new systems have been pivotal, allowing precise monitoring and optimisation of water and nutrient delivery to trees. A centralised fertigation system has been instrumental in reducing chemical runoff and nutrient depletion, thereby minimising the environmental footprint

Focusing on soil health and carbon, Abbotsleigh Farm utilises natural processes and recycling efforts to enhance soil vitality and carbon sequestration. Pruning waste is repurposed to improve soil health, and grassy rows between trees help prevent erosion while maintaining soil quality.

Craig Estens said, “Achieving this certification demonstrates our dedication to producing top-quality fruit in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. Situated along the Central Burnett River, we’re deeply conscious of our farming practices’ impacts on the reefs and the broader environment.”

Nutrano Produce Group is dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices. The Hort360 Reef Certification for Abbotsleigh Farm is a clear indication of our commitment to harmonising agricultural productivity with environmental conservation.

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