On The Shelf

Nutritional chocolate: Woolworths now stocking Organic Mylk Chocolate nationwide

Organic Mylk Chocolate, created by Murray River Organics (MRO) is becoming available nation-wide at Woolworths.

Introduced to Woolworths shelves five months ago, Birol Akdogan CEO of MRO has seen a great response from customers.

“We were always confident about the potential for our range given the increasing demand for tribe-friendly products such as gluten free, plant-based, dairy free and of course, organic”, said Akdogan.

The chocolate is branded as all-organic and plant-based with MRO stating that their mission statement is “to make clean, organic ingredients accessible to all.”

“We’re the snack that stands out and we are benefitting from the increase in customers checking the back of packs before they purchase,” said Akdogan.

This popularity comes in line with Mintel’s global market research that found that customers were beginning to value brands that increased consumer access to healthy to food through creating affordable and nutritional products.

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