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Nutura Organic makes Australian infant and toddler milk more accessible

Nutura Organic

Australian-made infant and toddler milk-based nutrition brand, Nutura Organic, is making it easier for busy parents to access a certified organic solution for nourishing their children, with their 3-stage range now available at Woolworths. 

Made from Australian grass-fed cows’ milk with no GMOs and no nasties, Nutura Organic offers an answer to frustrated Australian mums and dads who want easier access to good quality, locally produced infant nutrition for their babies and toddlers. 

With the product now on shelves in Woolworths Australia-wide, parents can access expert-formulated nutrition during their regular grocery shop. 

Proudly Australian owned and made, with the purest milk from Victoria’s chemical-free pastures, the brand draws from a network of experts from paddock to the pantry. 

From agriculture to nutritional science, Nutura Organic offers parents a holistic, organic kids’ product and reassuring support to empower families to make educated choices about their child’s nutrition. 

With a three-stage product range, the brand offers a complete solution to nourishing even the littlest family members, with products spanning all the way up to its toddler milk, appropriate for children aged up to 36 months of age. 

“At Nutura Organic, we are committed to providing organic nutrition for all families and pride ourselves on our products being free from any nasties,” Nutura Organic director Laura McBain said. 

“We take every measure to ensure we’re providing nothing but top-quality nutritional products for families across Australia. 

“We partner with experts to provide nothing but the best – the cows we source our milk from are grass-fed on chemical-free pastures in Victoria, without using any synthetic fertilisers, insecticides or growth hormones, and you certainly won’t find any artificial colours or sweeteners in our milk range,” she said. 

“To further support our network of Aussie mums and dads, we are so pleased to now be available in Woolworths supermarkets, providing even more access to good quality, truly nourishing nutrition for infants and toddlers.” 

Nutura Organic is now available from most Woolworths supermarkets across Australia, with RRP beginning at $33. 

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