NZ alcohol recalled after fears of defective packaging

Four types of alcoholic beverages from DB Breweries have been recalled from retailers, bars and restaurants in New Zealand following fears that they could have defective packaging.

The alcoholic beverages recalled include;

• Fuse vodka drink (all flavours), 330ml with best before dates from September 11 to December 11 inclusive (sold nationwide);
• Barrel 51 Bourbon & Cola drink, 330ml with best before dates from March 12 to June 12 inclusive (sold nationwide);
• Flame lager, 330ml with best before dates from July 2011 to October 2011 inclusive (sold in the North Island only) and;
• Flame lager, 330ml with best before date of September 2011 (sold in the South Island only). 

DB Breweries reported to the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) on Tuesday that the glass rims of the beverages could potentially break, posing a health risk.

The NZFSA has advised that customers should return the above products to their retailer for a refund or replacement with similar stock. Customers with questions or concerns about this recall can call the DB Breweries hotline toll free on 0800 102 337.

This recall does not affect any other DB products.

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