NZ chicken factory pair fired after riding conveyor belt [video]

Two young men were fired from Tegel Foods' chicken factory in New Plymouth after riding a conveyor belt and putting footage of the event on social media.

Kaleb Parkinson, 21, and a co-worker rode on a conveyor belt while machinery had broken down elsewhere and the workers were waiting for engineers to assess the issue.

"We decided to let off some steam, so I got my cellphone out of my locker and recorded my workmate riding a conveyor belt," Fairfax reports Parkinson as saying.

"It was just a bit of silly fun."

Parkinson said the incident happened on September 26. Tegel became aware of the prank after Parkinson posted a video on Facebook.

TVNZ reports that Tegel fired the two for OH and S failures, dishonesty and misconduct reasons.

"We take employees safety very carefully and we take food safety very carefully," Tegel’s human resources manager, Evelyn Davis, was quoted as saying.



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