NZ wine offers potent antioxidant elixir

A new wine label, Balancing Act Wines has released a range of wines that contain 40 times more resveratrol, an antioxidant found naturally in wine which is known to promote longevity and protect against illness.

Resveratol is derived from grape skins and has been used in health supplements and skin products around the globe. Resveratol is being extensively studied internationally with recent findings indicating that the antioxidant is absorbed 250 times more effectively when consumed in wine as opposed to a supplement form.

The Balancing Act range utilises technology developed and patented by Australian researcher, Dr Phillip Norrie, a Sydney-based GP and medical historian. The technology is said to significantly increase wine’s natural resveratrol concentration, yet remain soluble with no effect on taste, smell or colour.

Kathleen Corsbie and Annie Winmill of Southern Wine NZ Ltd have introduced the wine into the New Zealand market.

While Corsbi states that the company is not saying that alcohol is healthy – what they are stating is that resveratrol is.

“There is clinical research to back that up,” says Corsbie.

Harvard Medical School professor, David Sinclair has studied resveratol and its associated benefits relating to the promotion of health and longevity.

“In the history of pharmaceuticals, there has never been a drug that binds to a protein to make it run faster in the way that resveratrol activates SIRT 1 (- a group of genes known as sirtuins) ,” states Sinclair.

Kathleen Corsbie’s business partner, Annie Winmill, is excited to bring the product to New Zealand consumers.

“It is an exciting development,” says Winmill. “We’ve caught the tiger by the tail. I have spent 27 years in the wine industry, and this is the first time that I have a totally unique and positive product to bring to the market.

“One glass of our Balancing Act wine is equivalent to consuming the resveratrol contained in around 40 glasses of normal wine, so why would you drink anything else?”


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