NZ yoghurt brand joins fight to protect bees

New Zealand yoghurt brand, De Winkel, has partnered with the National Beekeepers Association (NBA), launching a nationwide bee-friendly planting movement.

The program is supporting the NBA's Bee Aware campaign, which aims to help New Zealand's threatened bee population.

NBA spokesperson, Daniel Paul, said bees pollinate roughly one-third of everything New Zealanders eat and therefore need to be protected.

"In addition to the critical role bees play in our food supply, they contribute about $5.1b to the New Zealand economy. But the bees are under threat from the Varroa mite, honey imports, insecticides and a general lack of food supply – in other words, plants for bees to pollinate. We’re grateful to have De Winkel on board as a partner to help us spread the word."

De Winkel's bee-friendly planting movement will see over 110,000 bee-friendly seeds distributed to customers through in-store promotions and via seed paper inserts in magazines.

A bee-friendly garden will also be donated to the Sustainable Living Centre Organic Gardens and Community Allotments in New Lynn in September.

De Winkel's partnership with the NBA coincides with the launch of its new De Winkel All Natural Gourmet Fruit Yoghurt range including Mango and Blood Orange; Boysenberry and Apple; and Nectarine and Apricot.


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